A Whimsical Rehearsal



If you haven't been to Isaac Taylor gardens in New Bern; these photos will surely get your dreaming!

We got to work with some amazing vendors and models on this shoot and couldn't be more excited to share the final product with you!


Photo Jan 11, 9 28 36 AM.jpg

Jerry Gordon styled the event using romantic pieces from Charming and Quaint; which really made the place settings magical! Front the candlesticks tapering throughout the vines, to the sweet little figs places on each menu; it made for a perfect tablescape!

Photo Jan 10, 6 52 24 AM.jpg

Not only did we get to stage a rehearsal dinner but we also got to eat! (Which is always a bonus!) Seaside Sensations brought in the most decadent meats, vegetables, and breads we've ever tasted! Needless to say; our plates we're cleared by the end of the meal :)

Then came the cake; which in itself was a work of art! I think one of my favorite things about this shoot was fig placement! Besides them looking so sweet as decor they tasted amazing! Even though we were all stuffed from dinner, we couldn't say no to dessert! The Famous Baking company gave us the most beautiful and delicious cake we've ever tasted :)

Melissa Blythe photographed everything perfectly; she really has an eye for beauty and making everyone feel comfortable. We've worked with her on multiple occasions but I have to say; this was one of our favorites!!

It was such an amazing night spent with some our favorite people and we cannot wait to create more magic together :)