So excited to share this with you babe


Let's start off first by saying, the WHOLE experience was absolutely amazing and as always,
NYC is a crazy, fun, and wild ride!!!

After our enriching experience attending
Wedding Wire World and our interview with Glamseamless earlier that week.

Saturday was HERE! It was time!

A hop, skip, and a jump away from Brooklyn we found ourselves in the city at last.
There was absolutely no way you could've missed where the masterclass was being held,
the admission line was filled with fleek'd out faces all alike!!

What a beautiful sight.
Once you get through those doors, the real fun begins babe!
Talk about posh, & being in the same building as KIM K!
Mario began his technique, which upon analyzing, has a lot of similarities between our stylists technique and we share a lot of the same GO-TO products!
He went through, step by step, explaining his process and mentioning his favorite product and why it is his go-to.

Kim is an actual babe in the flesh.

She is so petite and beautiful, especially fresh faced.


You know, as an airbrush babe, you can truly have the absolute best of both worlds.
We are familiar and skilled in using such luxurious, top of the line cosmetics;
airbrush & traditional all alike.

This was nothing less than a Masterclass.

Where all of the pros come together in the name of makeup. It's amazing if we do say so ourselves.
It was the experience of a lifetime, truly.
Kim’s beauty regimen is very simple and healthy.
Only the best vitamins infused with collagen
Water + Sleep = Essential

We commonly favor Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics as well as
Laura Mercier when it comes to this traditional look.

Think sleek AND natural drama!

At this point we’re completely enamored.

How can we bring this to you babe?
That not need be a question, at all.
We’ve got you covered, always babe (;

Mario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian West
both shared their intricately compelling stories.

This event is truly a work of art, babe.

If you are ever in the NY / LA district at the right time, you too can experience an event of a lifetime.

The Masterclass brought nothing less than inspiration, knowledgeable technique, and the most innovative technology to provide you with what you need for ALL of your beauty needs.

For you babe, it's all the more merrier.

Featuring our new package, we are thrilled to debut..

The Kimye Experience


This is our newest, highly coveted package that provides you with our most serious, groundbreaking makeup application skills.

If looks could kill, you'd knock them ALL dead.
We are just in time for engagement season
( hint, hint )

Even a play day for your girls, this is SO for YOU! Y
ou can’t forget to hit the town afterwards.

This look is TOTAL aesthetic.

Insert the Anastasia autumn hues and a sexy gel liner,
omg girl just come in we’ve got to do this!!

Stop in or Call for an appointment.

Bring your GIRLS!

We offer a bridal suite or studio for YOUR day.

❤️ We are so excited to be able to provide this ❤️


Stay beautiful, babe and enjoy your weekend!