Glamseamless x Silverceiling


Hey there, #airbrush babe!!

I know you have been anxiously waiting to hear what’s next for the both of us!Well, have we got the GOODS for YOU!

Our girls took a very important, enriching business trip.
We met, we saw, we ate, and we LEARNED!
Yes babe, you best believe it.
We learned SO much information, ALL for you!

When it comes to your hair care, we DO care. Long hair, don’t care is SO 2015.

Why is it that we choose to settle when it comes to what we put into our bodies, and on our bodies?

You know how they always say, “Your smile and your hair are the two things someone looks at when they’re first laying eyes on you”?

    We believe that!

Today,  tomorrow,  and even in the future,
it is ever more so important to have YOUR hair in its prime!

It is your very own statement piece!

you can truly do anything to your hair when it comes to color, accentuating it with baubles here and there, getting rid of it, and adding onto it.

WE have the tips, tricks, and bulletproof solutions just for our very own babes.

    Glamseamless hair extensions are SO revolutionary, diverse, and NATURAL.
    That’s right, natural babe.

Here’s a little insider on Glamseamless Hair Extensions…


Innovative Hair Extensions

  • Glam Seamless provides premium seamless "tape-in" hair extensions made with a unique process which guarantees high quality hair extensions.

  • The tape-in method is the latest and most innovative hair extension method currently available on the market and is the perfect solution to long-lasting semi-permanent hair extensions.

  • You can add length, volume, and chemical free color with this new hair extension method.

  • Application takes 30 minutes, no tools or chemicals are needed, and the hair is reusable up to three applications.

Superior Quality

  • Premium Remy and Virgin Remy hair is processed differently which sets their hair extensions apart.

  • They use an advanced technology system to produce high quality human hair extensions that last.

  • During this process Glamseamless does not use any harsh chemicals or silicones which leaves the cuticles in tact, unlike other hair extension companies that use harsh bleaching , acid baths, and silicones during processing which compromise the quality of hair.

Damage-Free Hair Extensions

  • Eco-friendly and use of only environmentally friendly materials and ingredients during processing to guarantee high quality hair extensions.

  • Tape in hair extensions are also made with the medical grade strong adhesive to provide a long lasting wear.

  • A unique stitch provided on the tape-in hair extensions which prevent shedding and tangling. 

  • This is the most requested hair extension method because this method is damage-free, lightweight, undetectable to the touch, comfortable and extremely durable.


All the more reason to prove to you that these are our preferred brand!
We pride ourselves in providing you with the utmost in quality of services and strategic technique.

While we were in NYC we traveled a little way to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit our girls at Glamseamless. This was such an exciting invitation, we couldn't have passed up the offer!

We met with their creative team and fell in love. Not only is the brand Glamseamless so reputable, their personalities match as well. It is so hard to find women like them in today's day and age underneath the same profession. We have been truly blessed.

Kelly (Kelz), our girlboss was presented with the opportunity of speaking for a client based interview filmed by their technician and she was asked a series of questions the customer would love to know.

We can't wait to blast this interview for our consumers! It is SO helpful to hear knowledge from an unbiased pro. The interview is brief and will have the key points in which the consumer needs to know to feel confident about this product.

It truly was an experience to be there. The girls took us on a little tour of their studio. The Extension Service room was an absolute modern dream. Imagine a wall full of hair, hued and primed to PERFECTION! Their products are state-of-the-art and top of the line. Their display was totally posh and showcased each product, perfectly!


Pink chairs, glitter walls, and metallic accents stole our heart.
To top it off, our girls at Glamseamless provided Kelly with the PRO gift of a lifetime all wrapped up in a beautiful, bright pink, gift bag!



Stay tuned for the interview babe and don't forget to shop our story!