Bonnie - Watson House

Bonnie had stolen everyone's heart on her wedding day. We are seriously amazed over this photo set, we are mesmerized and are left in awe!!
Bonnie is absolutely stunning and radiated on her day. 


esic photography captured so much emotion and romance in every single photo.
We can't wait for you to enjoy! 

Bonnie chose her wedding day venue very wisely and to our delightful surprise, she chose
The Watson House.
The Watson house is hands down one of our most favorite venues.
Talk about the special ambiance and heart tugging scenery, this venue is not for the faint of heart.
The view of the waterway overlooking the salt water pool on the posh balcony makes mimosas in the morning even more worth it.


If you're looking for doves on your wedding day, the Watson house is your place to stay.
If you are in Emerald Isle, it's a must see! 

Bonnie's wedding was a very romantic, and heartfelt, ceremony and reception.
These two are in some serious love.
We are so thankful and blessed to have been able to make her feel her utmost beautiful on her very special day.
She is forever an #airbrushbabe. 

Her colors consisted of whites, purples, and greens. (This is the perfect read for the hopeless romantic.)

Upon looking through these photos, we can put ourselves in her delicate frame of mind and revel in her emotion.

Her dress was the perfect sweetheart a-line, strapped gown

Her dress was the perfect sweetheart a-line, strapped gown


Her curls were (dare us say) PERFECTION, perfect volume and buoyancy.
The perfect definition for the deepest of lovers on a day filled with love.


irbrush fit for a QUEEN, full coverage, high definition false lashes, a water proof set for even the toughest of tears.


We were so impressed.

We can't wait for you to see this!

ULTIMATE early fall wedding inspiration!

These photos truly say it all, please enjoy ❤️

The perfect pair.

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