Mallory & Victor - Wrightsville Beach

If you came here to read about the ultimate crystal coast airbrush babe, you're in the right place.
If not, still read on.
This is some SERIOUS #weddinggoals.
Mallory was our beautiful, blushing, bronzed GODDESS and we were so enthralled to provide her + her bridal party with our luxurious beauty services.

From start to finish, we felt so welcome and didn't want to leave.
It was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky.
The waves were crashing on the beach and the wind stayed at bay.
We loved the scenery and the ambiance.
Mallory and her bridal party were

Our beauty services are OVER the top!
We were so excited to create faux lip line for mom!
Just for the bride, we brought a little shimmer just for her hair.

We can't get enough of our brides ❤️

It's always exciting, times like these when we receive our photos. I won't lie, I totally cried!
We fan girl'd here over at Silverceiling.

It was ultimate wedding perfection and we couldn't get enough.
This ones for the books!

Our airbrush makeup was built and set to last.
Even in the heat of summer, on the beach.
We highly recommend it being your FIRST choice.

We're a package deal, babe.
You have nothing to worry about with our service on your side.
Everything from massages, hairstyling, facials, extensions (hair + lash), every beauty service except for Botox (;

We were more than thrilled to provide such a breathtaking bride with such luxurious beauty services for her day.
She truly is a beaut!!!

Thank you Mallory for giving us girls a wonderful time and memories to look back onto!
Mallory's look was so Beverly Hills GLAM!
Super flirty, glamorous, classy and timeless!
Her bridal party followed with a beautiful summer glow, sassy opalescent hues, and fabulous high-definition false lashes to accentuate their rich, navy blue attire.

The girls enjoyed their beauty session so much, they were exuberant to hear that we  are more than happy to set up an airbrush training for our babes!!!
We are super stoked!!
These are connections we'll always cherish!

Congratulations sweet Mallory and Victor!

Please enjoy this beautiful set provided by Treebird Photography

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