The Palo Alto Plantation - Allie Miller Weddings

Here, at The Palo Alto Plantation, is where your southern wedding fantasies come true. Imagine horses running in an open field, chicken paired with waffles, and crisp green flora spread ever so evenly across the horizon. 
Take us BACK! Two back to back days of wedding editorials leave us craving the ultimate 'Southern Bride & Groom' experience. 

First of all, we would like to thank all of the amazing North Carolina creatives that curated our dream. Dream Makers Wedding Estates falls nothing short of their brand name. 

Our dear friends, Allie and Taylor bestowed upon us an offer we couldn't ever refuse to promote not only The Palo Alto Plantation, but ALL other AMAZING vendors involved. We were blown away, impressed to say none the less. 

Step into our shoes as we take you away on your southern va-cay. 

From start to finish, we want to relive every moment again. 
We open our car doors to a BEAUTIFUL Plantation home that is just drowning in the most interesting history. History buffs, are you here? Read all about it HERE

We revel in the moment our 'Bride' and 'Groom' met and shared quality laughter throughout the whole house as our bride walks in to experience the art of our Silverceiling Beauty Consulting luxury airbrush. To put icing on, she wanted extensions for her day of play. We were more than excited to accommodate!

Allie Miller Weddings greeted us and walked us through our schedule for the day. If you haven't met this woman, please put her on your bucket list. Allie Miller has the power to calm seas and awaken volcanoes. She truly is a remarkable character and us girls here at Silverceiling Beauty love her oh so much! 
Allie captured photos of our favorite chosen focal points and surprised us with a VIDEO. Yes, that's right. Allie Miller Weddings carries a videography option. If you haven't booked her now, do it soon! Days to nights are filling up ever so quickly. We love her rustic, crisp charm. 

We were so surprised to have such amazing vendors with us on this day. It's not your average editorial! Joining us on the dated estate, was a vintage VW bus that had been renovated into a photo bus that goes by none other than, Sweet Carolina Photo Bus. How CHARMING is that?! We love it!!! Their efforts were above and beyond. Ever so accommodating, and fun. We can't forget the fun we had on this day. We looked to the right, low and behold, even more vintage for our liking. 
The Cantina Caravan joined us on site to dish out the most amazing cocktails that the south has to offer! Renovated from a 1972 Shasta Camper. 100% mobile, how cool is that? 

The spring season is here, so you know we had to go all out! The Wedding Dress Shoppe provided us with wonderful jewelry and accessories to accentuate our bride's beautiful dress. These ladies have had our backs through and through. Thank you!!!!

Upon entry of the beautiful patio space provided and designed by Dream Makers Wedding Estates, we take a look at the menu, placings, and name card itinerary all designed by Nalabe to then take a seat into Fold Chivary chairs  provided by Crystal Coast Tents & Events

As our couple dines down into their southern fantasies we were greeted by The Flame Catering to sample a few of their delicacies. On the menu: Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs marinated skewers, as well as Chicken and Waffles with Maple syrup pipette, Caprese Skewers with Balsamic drizzle and Mini Crab Cakes on Wonton spoons with Chipotle Aoli. Beautiful garnishes made of cantaloupe, pineapple, peppers, and the most amazing yogurt dipping sauce to have ever graced our palette. We are getting hungry just writing this. The things we would do to have that delicious food back in our mouths! 

Once the fun was done, the sun was gone, and we were glowing. To end the night of dreams, we get an awesome peak of our cake! Pinterest inspiration, are we right? I want this cake on display on my kitchen island 24/7 - 365! American Dream Cakes falls NOTHING short of their reputation! 

Please, airbrush babes. Study our latest inspiration. There's more to come so save room! 

All amazing vendors, and friends involved. This editorial blew us out of the water, grew us closer, and delighted our spirits. Don't ever forget to treat yourself to something southern (: