Anahata Swimwear Launch Party

It's bikini season airbrush beauties!!!

You know what that means... 
Yes, our airbrush makeup is water proof..
If thats what you were wondering (:

In new, real, and exciting news. Anna Hendrix is a creative based out of North Carolina. Her mission was to set off into the world of fashion and self empowerment to achieve an absolute medium between today's standard when it comes to purchasing a bikini! 



This was a very exciting event for us because we know how important it is to lift others up and how crucial it is in today's society to make other women feel so very confident in their own skin. Thats what Silverceiling is all about! Thank you Anna for taking our motto to a whole inspiring new level!

Can you believe that she asked us to do hair, makeup, and spray tans for her beautiful models??! Our team came together to provide them with the ultimate airbrush experience. It was the least we could've do for such a hot, up and coming swimwear line.

We met in historic downtown Wilmington, specifically at Manna. We arrived to a red carpet that led us into the entry way and the press was snapping photos as every one walked by! This was not an event to miss! The first 50 upon entry recieved an awesome grab bag which included promotional oppurtunities and a free gift per vendor! Also.. DRINK TICKETS! How cool! 

This was truly an event to remember. 
Loaded bar, glitter roots, and a measuring booth! Thats right, the Anahata crew was taking measurements all evening so Annahata Swimwear could provide you with handmade bikini fit just for your body and your body only! Tell your sister to get her own! 

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