The Casupanans - The Bradford

Lindsay & Steven Casupanan
Here in North Carolina, we have diversity, breath taking historical venues, southern food, and LOVE, lots of love.
Lindsay and Steven went out of 2016 with a BANG and rang in the New Year MARRIED.
Yes, that's right. Lindsay and Steven Casupanan wed on New Years Eve at The Bradford.
We love The Bradford located in North Carolina, native to our very own Silverceiling Beauty Consulting here in Wilmington + Raleigh, North Carolina.
Needless to say, Lindsay & Steven's love had us tearing up at every sight.
This wedding was filled with vibrant colors, fur shawls, monograms, and HUGE exuberant contagious smiles!!!
Lindsay and company just so happened to bestow upon us of the opportunity to make their day perfect with our Airbrush mastery and trusted hairstyling techniques.
We would like to give a huge thank you to Magnolia Photography for capturing the newly wed's true happiness on this day.
These photos are a MUST SEE. The epitome of an Airbrush babe in true, honest love.
Please indulge with us and enjoy our sweetest gallery, below!
Congratulations Lindsay & Steven Casupanan, may your love tackle the most incredible heights!