Wilmington Weddings and Events First Annual Bridal Fashion Show

Wilmington Weddings and Events' First Annual Bridal Fashion Show was a HUGE Success!

  • This whimsical evening was located at none other than the Brooklyn Arts Center right in The Brooklyn Art's District of Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • The beautiful evening started with Wilmington Weddings and Events sponsored take-away bags including copies of the Fall/Winter Focus On The Coast Bridal Magazine, a live DJ, beautiful lighting arrangements, carefully selected decorations including furnishings, varieties of complimentary hors d'oeuvres, and in-house curated cocktails.

We just so happened to have the honor of taking our mastery regarding Airbrush Makeup Artistry and Bridal Hairstyles to the runway!

  • Each and every one of these ladies featured in this show looked absolutely darling, it was such a magical night that we hope you can revel in it with us for just a little while longer.

Wilmington is such a beautiful city with many attractions, classical venues, five star food, romantic night life, sandy beaches, beautiful boutiques, and nothing less than southern hospitality.

Needless to say, we created the event of a lifetime.
From glitter roots to tear-away dresses, we loved it ALL and couldn't get enough!
So Airbrush Babes! Tell us what you think!
Would you like to be apart of the Second Annual Wilmington Weddings and Events Bridal Fashion show?

- Stay up to date with the Silverceiling Family, 'cause we've always got you covered (;

All photos start to finish were shot by Photographer Chris Brehmer.

Please enjoy the slideshow below!