Coming together is a beginning.

Competition is something that’s ingrained in us at a pretty early age. Whether it’s with sports, grades, or appearance, we dealt with it regularly in adolescence and is difficult to avoid in adulthood as well. Or so people want you to think.

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending North Carolina’s annual Hair & Makeup Artist Summit in Greensboro, and let me just say, we got more than we bargained for in the best way possible. This year’s summit was hosted at the beautiful McAlister-Leftwich House in Greensboro. Comprised of two homes just outside of historic downtown Greensboro that throughout the years served as the residence for several influential individuals of the community, it now serves as a gorgeous wedding and event venue. The amount of natural light and brightness combined with the historic touches of these 100-year-old homes are to die for! Just take a look!

As with most HMUA Summits, classes covering styling and growing our businesses were available to us, but the things that stood out to us more were the ones teaching how to protect and take care of ourselves and each other. Topics like how to avoid burnout or taking on too much, and reminding us why we got into this industry to begin with. It’s easy to lose sight of what your original mission or passion was when you don’t have a balance. Our biggest take away? Busy doesn’t always mean success.

But you know what the most beautiful thing that this summit showed us was? Despite all the different individual businesses there being in the same field and industry, in the same general market, there was not one ounce of competition present. These women were there to support each other. Rather than seeing each other as competition, we saw each other as teammates. Not everything has to be about who’s better than who all the time, and instead can be about how we can reach one amazing common goal together.