Bradford Open House

Last month, we had the pleasure of being part of The Bradford Open House! At the open house, we had the opportunity to network with brides to be and other wedding vendors from the Raleigh area!


There was a huge turnout! Every wall was filled with vendor booths and the rooms were packed with soon to be brides and their families. 


At our table, we showcased our makeup and several of our details. We even gave a few lucky babes a free airbrush makeover!


For each babe who got a makeover, we took two polaroids of their final look. One for them, one for us! It was a total hit!


We had such an amazing time at The Bradford Open House. The venue is one you don't want to miss!


Photos by Radian Photography


Upon returning to our schedule after Thanksgiving, we held a team meeting with our Airbrush Babes! Our biggest questions were "what do we love most about our jobs" and "what can we do better." What was amazing is that all of the answers were anonymous- and the most often response to what we love most, was: "OUR TEAM." Wow!!! As the owner of the company, that's the dream: to hear those words was like music to my ears! And it is my responsibility and happiness to keep this our motto. Because....

It's not about any one person. It's about us collectively- playing off of each other's talents and aiding each other in our weaknesses. It's about growth and a common passion for more! For better! For best.  This allows us to create something truly special for each of our brides. 

Welcome to the Airbrush Family. That's exactly what Silverceiling is! We always say when you're booking us you're not booking a company. You're joining a family! It's hard to believe looking back that we've now been in business for 5 years. What started as just one artist has grown into something so much bigger, and so much more important than just the services that we provide. 


We are so grateful looking back on all of our beautiful brides! Each bride we have worked with has been unique and special and has helped to lead us to where we are today.  

We really can't thank you enough! Once an airbrush babe, always an airbrush babe!


Here are some of my favorite photos of our team. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?! 


Becky--- our amazing hairstylist and hair extension expert. We caught you on camera! 


Our gorgeous Bride Taylor! May 2017


Our most recent photo with our fabulous team. From left: Denise (hair and makeup), Tiffany (hair and makeup), Kelly (director), Giana (hair and makeup), Megan (airbrush artist), Liz (airbrush artist).

Not pictured: our fabulous Martha B!!! She's been with our team since the very beginning in 2013! 


The Bradford Open House- November 2017. Tiffy Lou and Kelz! 

Photography by indigosilver006-1568.jpg

Giana rocking out that hair! She's amazing. She's managed our Raleigh location for over a year and does both hair and makeup! G, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for this company. We will miss you so much but wish you all of the best in your new journey at ECU! 


Sweet Jonny Marchbanks and Kelz! Jonny was head of education for us for nearly 2 years! We miss you Jonny!!! 


Tiffany and Kelz. Tiffs, this is when you first started! At one of our downtown weddings. We love finishing a good wedding with a burger at Copper Penny! 


Our first major opportunity to be on National TV: TLC's Say Yes to the Dress Fashion Show! NYC 2015


Cassie's wedding: talk about dedication!!! Our babes traveled in the middle of a hurricane to get this babe glam! October 2016

Brittany's wedding in Raleigh! This was 2015. Chelsea rocking makeup and Maria rocking out those curly styles! 

Brittany's wedding in Raleigh! This was 2015. Chelsea rocking makeup and Maria rocking out those curly styles! 

Airbrush Babes celebrating our sister's wedding! LIZZZZ!!!! We are so happy for you! 

Airbrush Babes celebrating our sister's wedding! LIZZZZ!!!! We are so happy for you! 


Liz and Becky getting Sam GLAM! At one of our favorite bridal suites-- Belle Vue! 

0095Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg
Nothing can stop us. Better together. XOXO

Tamryn & Shane

Tamryn & Shane's wedding was nothing short of extraordinary! The love between these two is electric and you can see that from the photos!

Tamryn & Shane O'Toole Wedding Collection_303.jpg

Tamryn got ready with her bridal party at The Tarrymore in the Scots Hill Suite. We had so much fun getting these beauties ready for a night to remember for the rest of their lives.

Tamryn & Shane O'Toole Wedding Collection_85.jpg

Tamryn had an elegant up-do with a classic make-up look. Her bridesmaids also had simple, yet stunning hair and make up to go with their dreamy navy dresses.

Tamryn & Shane O'Toole Wedding Collection_224.jpg

The ceremony was held at St. Thomas Preservation Hall, located in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Needless to say, everything about it was incredible - the building itself, the lighting, the decor... Incredible. 

Tamryn & Shane O'Toole Wedding Collection_214.jpg

Andrea Anderson did a phenomenal job capturing Tamryn's wedding. We are so excited for this next chapter in your life, Tamryn and Shane! Go Pack!

Alexa Hawkins - Kenan Chapel

We had such a pleasure working with Alexa and her bridal party! Alexa's party was so big that we had our entire team there to get them all ready - it was a total blast!

0227Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg

Alexa got ready with her bridesmaids at her parents' home in the Country Club of Landfall and the ceremony was held at the Frank H. Kenan Chapel at Landfall. It was a picture-perfect sunny day! Theo Milo did a fabulous job capturing each special moment. 

0095Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg

Working with Alexa was unique because she heard about us through her friends who used our services and tagged us on social media. Once we began the planning process with Alexa, we found out she was actually friends with several people in our director's circle! The mutual friends and connection from working with many of Alexa's friends made working with her feel like a reunion - it was amazing!

0110Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg

Alexa wanted to go for an elegant and classic look so we kept her hair and make up very chic and sleek. When Alexa did her trial run with us, she found the perfect hair piece from our details collection to complete her look!

0469Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg

Alexa and Alex's wedding video by Philip James Films was featured on Love Stories TV along with an interview! To check it out, click here.

0474Alexa and AlexTheo Milo  Photo.jpg

Chelsea Crowson's Wedding

On Saturday we had the pleasure of getting our airbrush bride Chelsea Crowson and her bridesmaids looking their best for Chelsea’s big day!


We did everyone’s hair and makeup at the bridal suite at Wrightsville Manor - the natural light in there was AMAZING! Chelsea went from there to Airlie Gardens for her wedding and back to Wrightsville Manor for a super fun reception!


Chelsea’s wedding had classic and chic style with pops of jewel tones that really livened up the vibe!


We blended multiple colors from our palette to create the perfect color to match the bridesmaid dress - we are all about customization, babe.


Each bridesmaid’s dress had a different neckline so we used a variety of hairstyles to compliment the neckline of each dress. From soft curls to intricate updos, this wedding party had it all!



Bliss at Bluewater

Hey babes, check out our work in the latest issue of Focus On The Coast! Our girls Denise and Elizabeth worked their magic for the Bluewater spread. Denise made Lexi’s long blonde hair look so elegant and romantic and Elizabeth highlighted Lexi’s beautiful eyes.



We had such an amazing time being a part of this shoot! The views from Bluewater are absolutely breathtaking! We can not get over the beautiful sight of the sun hitting the water just past the docks..



Bluewater has a new pavilion on the waterway perfect for receptions. The spacious venue is able to hold over 170 people within its four walls of floor to ceiling windows.



Not only does Bluewater provide an enchanting atmosphere, but the chef will even work with couples directly to create the perfect menu for their special day!



Bluewater is one of the largest reception venues in Wilmington and is sure to exceed your expectations! Please see the links below for all contributors :)



Morning After Brunch

Trying to find a fun and creative way to make your wedding celebration last a little longer..? Look no further, babes - we’ve got you covered! The morning after brunch is a great way to let the celebration continue with close friends and family while also getting to enjoy some scrumptious food! Not to mention the mimosas..

20170726_FOTC Wed_Brunch_0133_preview-1.jpg

Not only will the food be incredible (because who doesn’t love brunch?) but you can also have some fun with the music and decor. Don’t know what music to choose? Find your inspiration here.

20170726_FOTC Wed_Brunch_0046_preview.jpg

The morning after brunch is a fabulous way to extend your special day and spend a little more time with your loved ones before you leave for your magical honeymoon.

20170726_FOTC Wed_Brunch_0178_preview.jpg

To help inspire you, we collaborated with a few of our favorite businesses to make this shoot possible! Keep an eye out for upcoming Morning After Brunch blogs on the Focus on the Coast Weddings website. Also, be sure to check out the Morning After Brunch spread in their fall issue!


Images: Lindsey A. Miller Photography
Design & Coordination: Drewe Smith
Floral Design: Beautiful Flowers by June
Catering: A Thyme Savor Catering
Hair & Makeup: SilverCeiling Beauty Consulting
Furniture Rental: Martha My Dear Rentals
Invitations: Lyndsey's Fine Paper
Spirits: Dixie Southern Vodka
Videography: ThreeThirty Films
Produced for Focus on the Coast Weddings

Sarah Musselwhite
Will Musselwhite
Dana Laymon
Michael Ussery
Kelci DeFrancesco
Tyler Berry (+ ladder bar construction)
Kayleigh Winslow

Bonnie - Watson House

Bonnie had stolen everyone's heart on her wedding day. We are seriously amazed over this photo set, we are mesmerized and are left in awe!!
Bonnie is absolutely stunning and radiated on her day. 


esic photography captured so much emotion and romance in every single photo.
We can't wait for you to enjoy! 

Bonnie chose her wedding day venue very wisely and to our delightful surprise, she chose
The Watson House.
The Watson house is hands down one of our most favorite venues.
Talk about the special ambiance and heart tugging scenery, this venue is not for the faint of heart.
The view of the waterway overlooking the salt water pool on the posh balcony makes mimosas in the morning even more worth it.


If you're looking for doves on your wedding day, the Watson house is your place to stay.
If you are in Emerald Isle, it's a must see! 

Bonnie's wedding was a very romantic, and heartfelt, ceremony and reception.
These two are in some serious love.
We are so thankful and blessed to have been able to make her feel her utmost beautiful on her very special day.
She is forever an #airbrushbabe. 

Her colors consisted of whites, purples, and greens. (This is the perfect read for the hopeless romantic.)

Upon looking through these photos, we can put ourselves in her delicate frame of mind and revel in her emotion.

Her dress was the perfect sweetheart a-line, strapped gown

Her dress was the perfect sweetheart a-line, strapped gown


Her curls were (dare us say) PERFECTION, perfect volume and buoyancy.
The perfect definition for the deepest of lovers on a day filled with love.


irbrush fit for a QUEEN, full coverage, high definition false lashes, a water proof set for even the toughest of tears.


We were so impressed.

We can't wait for you to see this!

ULTIMATE early fall wedding inspiration!

These photos truly say it all, please enjoy ❤️

The perfect pair.

Mallory & Victor - Wrightsville Beach

If you came here to read about the ultimate crystal coast airbrush babe, you're in the right place.
If not, still read on.
This is some SERIOUS #weddinggoals.
Mallory was our beautiful, blushing, bronzed GODDESS and we were so enthralled to provide her + her bridal party with our luxurious beauty services.

From start to finish, we felt so welcome and didn't want to leave.
It was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky.
The waves were crashing on the beach and the wind stayed at bay.
We loved the scenery and the ambiance.
Mallory and her bridal party were

Our beauty services are OVER the top!
We were so excited to create faux lip line for mom!
Just for the bride, we brought a little shimmer just for her hair.

We can't get enough of our brides ❤️

It's always exciting, times like these when we receive our photos. I won't lie, I totally cried!
We fan girl'd here over at Silverceiling.

It was ultimate wedding perfection and we couldn't get enough.
This ones for the books!

Our airbrush makeup was built and set to last.
Even in the heat of summer, on the beach.
We highly recommend it being your FIRST choice.

We're a package deal, babe.
You have nothing to worry about with our service on your side.
Everything from massages, hairstyling, facials, extensions (hair + lash), every beauty service except for Botox (;

We were more than thrilled to provide such a breathtaking bride with such luxurious beauty services for her day.
She truly is a beaut!!!

Thank you Mallory for giving us girls a wonderful time and memories to look back onto!
Mallory's look was so Beverly Hills GLAM!
Super flirty, glamorous, classy and timeless!
Her bridal party followed with a beautiful summer glow, sassy opalescent hues, and fabulous high-definition false lashes to accentuate their rich, navy blue attire.

The girls enjoyed their beauty session so much, they were exuberant to hear that we  are more than happy to set up an airbrush training for our babes!!!
We are super stoked!!
These are connections we'll always cherish!

Congratulations sweet Mallory and Victor!

Please enjoy this beautiful set provided by Treebird Photography

Jordan & Tim - Brooklyn Arts Center

Here’s a little Monday motivation for you, #airbrushbabe!

Wedding season has been a HIT!
We have met SO many brides, traveled all over America, and have kept our skills more fresh and sharp than a cutco knife.  

We are very excited to showcase Jordan + Tim’s wedding, today!

Jordan was our dream bride! She loved ultra glam, glitter, and LASHES!

Now, eyelash extensions were a service Jordan had been keeping up with, until she met us!
We hooked her up with lashes, and can you believe that these lashes have lasted three months?

If you have ANY worries at all, rest-assured, our airbrush makeup application and facial prep will NOT ruin your eyelash extensions!
Don’t walk on eggshells, babe.
Book the very best!

Jordan was SO FUN and SO sweet!
We loved providing her with our luxurious beauty services for her day
. Our stylist Elizabeth made sure to give her an ultra sexy purple-mauve cut crease with silver glitter and an extremely tight-lined eye.
Custom blended foundation to match her skin tone, and the coolest contour a babe could have.

We are very excited to show you these photos!
These two are so in love.
We are so happy to have been able to make Jordan feel her very best for such an amazing, important day.

Congratulations, Jordan & Tim!!!!

Photographer: Megan Dickerson Photography

Ali & Cole + Wrightsville Manor

Take us back to one our most favorite venues in Wilmington, North Carolina!

Known as Wilmington's finest, The Wrightsville Manor.

Wrightsville Manor is Wilmington's newest and most enchanting indoor/outdoor event venue, located near the gateway to Wrightsville Beach, in one of Wilmington's most charming and historic areas. The beautiful 1.25 acre property sits between Lumina Station and St. Matthews historic brick church and exudes enchanting old-world charm. The 5,000 square foot historic style exposed brick building has soaring 18 foot ceilings, a huge exposed brick fireplace and exposed brick walls. The 15 foot high conservatory windows have large glass French doors that open up from the main event space to a beautiful outdoor patio veranda. The veranda steps down into an 8,000 square foot garden lawn with a gorgeous old central garden fountain, and a spacious open lawn space - perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour and lawn games

We can't get enough of this beautiful venue, so, when Ali presented us with the opportunity of being her beauty coordinators for her day.
We knew that we'd have a wonderful time in The Wrightsville Manor's bridal suite!
Its perfect for the bride who wants her & her bridal party to relax in style.

Our elite stylists provided her with hair + airbrush artistry for Ali, and her bridal party, on her special day. It was so touching and heart-warming to watch our bride gasp over our makeup.

Don't worry if you cry either, airbrush babe. We are completely waterproof (;

We loved her soft, rosy look.
It complimented her beautiful eyes ever so well, not to mention, her BLONDE hair!
We fell in LOVE!

Needless to say, Ali was more than pleased with her skilled hairstyling and luxurious airbrush application!

Ali was SO happy on her big day!
She is an absolute breath of fresh air.

She shared exuberant smiles, laughs, heart-felt memories, and mimosas with her beautiful bridal party.
Ali truly is a sweetheart who took her wedding day in stride, made the most of her time in the bridal suite, and relished in her big day feelings!
It was so touching for us to be apart of such an amazing, heart string concerto day.

Although, we were unable to meet the groom.
Upon viewing Ali & Cole’s dynamic through the immaculate Anna Holcombe’s lense, we received goosebumps!
These two had the perfect wedding and are both so in sync.
Take a look for yourself!



The Wrightsville Manor had carefully arranged the softest of ceremonies.
We really felt as if we were in Wedding Heaven!
From the range of photographers to floral, this wedding is publication worthy!

Thank you Ali, for allowing us to make the memories of a lifetime, with you!

Congratulations Ali & Cole. May your hearts forever coincide!

Hosting an #Airbrushbabe

We honestly can’t think of any better way to spend our day, than to spend it planning your wedding day!

That’s why us women here at Silverceiling Beauty Consulting are dedicated to providing you with the best of the best in quality services and client relationships.
We are MORE than beauty!

Think of gold and glitter baby, we’ve got it all.

You don’t have to have your wedding in LA to have the most elite stylists prep you for the day of a lifetime!


We are more than our brand.
We are the leaders of today, we are women, we are powerful, intuitive, and strong.
We KNOW and UNDERSTAND just how important it is to feel beautiful in the inside and on the outside all alike.

It all starts with you, babe!

 Located in the beautiful heart of historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and stoic Midtown Place Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are open by appointment and here’s why…

We want the experience to be ALL about you!


Only two locations? Don’t worry babe! Read on.

Our stylists are trained and educated every season to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends.
Everything to makeup master classes to elite hair training programs; we do not settle for standard.
But again, it's not for us, it's all for you!

Our hair stylists and airbrush artists alike are ever so accomodating to traveling on location to provide you with services fit for you, queen!

 We are MORE than Beauty Consulting.
We are EVERYTHING beauty, accessories, friendships, and most importantly…  the ultimate wedding aesthetic!


We pride ourselves in being your one stop shoppe!

 Here is what to expect during your beauty session,
because appointment is a total understatement!

Make sure you’ve got plans afterwards to hit the town.
We’ll give you a customized look you won’t want anyone to miss (;

In advance, make sure you have inspiration picked out.
We love a good challenge and we can’t wait to show off our skills. (:

Our team has the skills to create anything from a faux lip line to a faux hairline!
All you have to do is ask (;

Your stylists will be waiting to greet you at the door!
We promise to welcome you in the most hospitable way.
Your coffee, wine, champagne, or water will be waiting for you. So many options, we know it’s so hard!
Though, trust us when we say that it will be the most difficult decision of the day (;  

Sit down and let us do the rest!
All you have to do is show us a picture of your dress!

That is when we come in and prep your skin giving you a full cleanse before the airbrush application, show us your inspiration!

We love having fun, though, we will guide you our process to make sure things come together seamlessly.
It’s like a little training session for you too!
We are so open with sharing our knowledge of the color wheel, concealers, contour, lips, etc!

If hair is 1-2 days dirty, we can go forward with the preparation and desired styling of your hair.


Show us your dress! We can’t wait to see it! We also want to make sure that your elaborate hairstyling coincides ever so flawlessly with your remarkably cut wedding gown!

Now it’s time for the details...
Details are timeless. Details are a necessity. Details are FOREVER!
You simply cannot go without!

Details by Silverceiling remains honored to frost you up for your very special day.

We carry everything from bridal jewelry, bulk bridesmaids gifts, to designer shoes and garments…
Even vintage, for the eclectic lover!

Think about Gucci, Lanvin, Stuart Weitzman, Weiss, Nicole Miller, it you NAME it.
We’ve got it in stock, on hand.


Planning can be tough, especially coordination, let us make it easy for you!

Our team has the experience to custom fit accessories, shoes, rehearsal dinner/ bridal luncheon wear, and beauty services designated for your wedding day theme.

Don’t be afraid to let us custom style you with complimentary jewelry for your day!
Even if you don’t walk out with anything, we still love offering inspiration and ideas.

Details by Silverceiling & Silverceiling Beauty Consulting are here to take the stress out of your day, and all other entailments involving you and your bridal party.

Tell us!
Do you have an expensive heirloom that you just can’t live without?
Don’t go without the earrings too, boo.
We will find and provide you with the most exquisite complimentary bauble so that you don’t have to go without on your wedding day!
Gold, silver, gold and silver, no problem (;

Here is just a taste of what we offer…..
Bride + Bridal party prep service
Luxurious airbrush application
Cut + color + treatment
Hairstyling + extensions
Eyelash extensions
Manicure / Pedicure
Massages + Compressions
Spray tans
Wellness plans

Designers including….
Lanvin, Gucci, Weiss…
and MORE!

Our stylists in both ends of the woods remain highly reputable, did we mention we only offer the best of the best?

Spots are limited, we are already booking for 2018!
They sure do fill up quick, book the best today!





Carats & Cake Publication - Nancy + Tom

Happy Tuesday Airbrush Babes!!!!

We have something new for YOU!
As you know, we are constantly expanding, growing with our craft, creating amazing relationships, and making you PERFECT on your Wedding Day!!

Today, we were published on Carats and Cake!
For us, this is not our average publication.
We are thankful for the amount of magazines, websites, blogs, and books we are featured in.

Today, one of our Virginia weddings was published here --> Carats & Cake

We really owe a huge shoutout to all of the amazing vendors we've had the opportunities to work with. They have molded us into the company that we are today!

Cheers to the latest wedding inspiration!

Thank you






The Watson House - Elizabeth & Jackson

Take us to The Watson House!

Ever so recently, Elizabeth had her wedding at the marvelous venue in Emerald Isle, NC.

The Watson House and Gardens. 
Imagine doves and swans everywhere you turn.
Beautiful intercostal sunset peaking beyond the horizon.
Sweet, warm grass for acres and the wonderful smell of floral arrangements.
Not kidding! This venue is a place you have dreamt about in your dreams.

Once you have a wedding here, it is automatically like NO OTHER.
We just so happened to have held the honor of providing Elizabeth and her bridal party with our luxurious airbrush artistry and elaborate bridal hairstyling.

Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful and one of the happiest brides we have ever been bestowed upon.
Her energy was exuberant and her bridal party followed.

This wedding was absolutely magnificent.
We hope that everyone, one day, has the opportunity to experience a visit at The Watson House.
One of our most favorite venues in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We are so LUCKY to provide you with behind the scenes action of our getting ready session with our beautiful bride provided by Chad Winstead.


We hope that you enjoy the following ceremony and reception photos of our most latest work and the beautiful bride Elizabeth and her handsome husband Jackson!

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Jackson. May your love soar to the highest peaks and to the lowest altitudes!


The Palo Alto Plantation - One Crazy Love

All of our fantasies came true with a wedding built for two at Palo Alto Plantation!  

Scarlett Randall Favorites-0001.jpg


Pure ice queen dream, Kelly played the part so well. She truly showcased the beauty we see within every wedding we hold and have held our role in. 

Scarlett Randall Favorites-0009 (1).jpg


We began the day preparing and checking off our ultimate bridal beauty guide (provided for each and everyone of our special Airbrush brides (babes)! 

The talented Kelly Marie (Owner and operator of Silverceiling Beauty Consulting LLC) preformed application of luxury Airbrush on her very own face. If that's not pure talent, we don't know what is. 

Next we met our photographer for the evening! Her name is Charity, though is known through her business One Crazy Love. She is a plantation and vineyard photographer based out of North Carolina. She brings a clean spring season feel to her captures! Her work will not be forgotten within our company! Thank you, Charity! You truly have an eye for clean, crisp photowork. 

Our beautiful Eve Of Milady gown was provided by none other than our favorite, accommodating gals at The Wedding Dress Shoppe. We work a lot with these ladies and they're always so happy to help us pick out dresses from even our wildest dreams.  

Kelly Marie wore this gown as if it were made for her (secretly we think it was, but we cannot disclose)  


This wedding editorial is one of the most visually aesthetically pleasing editorials we've had with a photographer we met on-scene. The duo and teamwork was marvelous! It'd had been like we had known Charity for years!  

We would like to send a warm, humble thank you to everyone at Dream Makers Wedding Estates. Each and every one of you are making our dreams come true. Thank you all for working so hard to bring our fantasies to the forefront and providing us with optimal hospitality.  

After us girls spent the night at The Palo Alto Plantation, we know this place is no joke. It's history gave us so much character and imagination. Eventually, we took a tour around the house and could just envision what life was like in the 1800's. This is not your average Plantation home!    

The Palo Alto Plantation - Allie Miller Weddings

Here, at The Palo Alto Plantation, is where your southern wedding fantasies come true. Imagine horses running in an open field, chicken paired with waffles, and crisp green flora spread ever so evenly across the horizon. 
Take us BACK! Two back to back days of wedding editorials leave us craving the ultimate 'Southern Bride & Groom' experience. 

First of all, we would like to thank all of the amazing North Carolina creatives that curated our dream. Dream Makers Wedding Estates falls nothing short of their brand name. 

Our dear friends, Allie and Taylor bestowed upon us an offer we couldn't ever refuse to promote not only The Palo Alto Plantation, but ALL other AMAZING vendors involved. We were blown away, impressed to say none the less. 

Step into our shoes as we take you away on your southern va-cay. 

From start to finish, we want to relive every moment again. 
We open our car doors to a BEAUTIFUL Plantation home that is just drowning in the most interesting history. History buffs, are you here? Read all about it HERE

We revel in the moment our 'Bride' and 'Groom' met and shared quality laughter throughout the whole house as our bride walks in to experience the art of our Silverceiling Beauty Consulting luxury airbrush. To put icing on, she wanted extensions for her day of play. We were more than excited to accommodate!

Allie Miller Weddings greeted us and walked us through our schedule for the day. If you haven't met this woman, please put her on your bucket list. Allie Miller has the power to calm seas and awaken volcanoes. She truly is a remarkable character and us girls here at Silverceiling Beauty love her oh so much! 
Allie captured photos of our favorite chosen focal points and surprised us with a VIDEO. Yes, that's right. Allie Miller Weddings carries a videography option. If you haven't booked her now, do it soon! Days to nights are filling up ever so quickly. We love her rustic, crisp charm. 

We were so surprised to have such amazing vendors with us on this day. It's not your average editorial! Joining us on the dated estate, was a vintage VW bus that had been renovated into a photo bus that goes by none other than, Sweet Carolina Photo Bus. How CHARMING is that?! We love it!!! Their efforts were above and beyond. Ever so accommodating, and fun. We can't forget the fun we had on this day. We looked to the right, low and behold, even more vintage for our liking. 
The Cantina Caravan joined us on site to dish out the most amazing cocktails that the south has to offer! Renovated from a 1972 Shasta Camper. 100% mobile, how cool is that? 

The spring season is here, so you know we had to go all out! The Wedding Dress Shoppe provided us with wonderful jewelry and accessories to accentuate our bride's beautiful dress. These ladies have had our backs through and through. Thank you!!!!

Upon entry of the beautiful patio space provided and designed by Dream Makers Wedding Estates, we take a look at the menu, placings, and name card itinerary all designed by Nalabe to then take a seat into Fold Chivary chairs  provided by Crystal Coast Tents & Events

As our couple dines down into their southern fantasies we were greeted by The Flame Catering to sample a few of their delicacies. On the menu: Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs marinated skewers, as well as Chicken and Waffles with Maple syrup pipette, Caprese Skewers with Balsamic drizzle and Mini Crab Cakes on Wonton spoons with Chipotle Aoli. Beautiful garnishes made of cantaloupe, pineapple, peppers, and the most amazing yogurt dipping sauce to have ever graced our palette. We are getting hungry just writing this. The things we would do to have that delicious food back in our mouths! 

Once the fun was done, the sun was gone, and we were glowing. To end the night of dreams, we get an awesome peak of our cake! Pinterest inspiration, are we right? I want this cake on display on my kitchen island 24/7 - 365! American Dream Cakes falls NOTHING short of their reputation! 

Please, airbrush babes. Study our latest inspiration. There's more to come so save room! 

All amazing vendors, and friends involved. This editorial blew us out of the water, grew us closer, and delighted our spirits. Don't ever forget to treat yourself to something southern (:


Anahata Swimwear Launch Party

It's bikini season airbrush beauties!!!

You know what that means... 
Yes, our airbrush makeup is water proof..
If thats what you were wondering (:

In new, real, and exciting news. Anna Hendrix is a creative based out of North Carolina. Her mission was to set off into the world of fashion and self empowerment to achieve an absolute medium between today's standard when it comes to purchasing a bikini! 



This was a very exciting event for us because we know how important it is to lift others up and how crucial it is in today's society to make other women feel so very confident in their own skin. Thats what Silverceiling is all about! Thank you Anna for taking our motto to a whole inspiring new level!

Can you believe that she asked us to do hair, makeup, and spray tans for her beautiful models??! Our team came together to provide them with the ultimate airbrush experience. It was the least we could've do for such a hot, up and coming swimwear line.

We met in historic downtown Wilmington, specifically at Manna. We arrived to a red carpet that led us into the entry way and the press was snapping photos as every one walked by! This was not an event to miss! The first 50 upon entry recieved an awesome grab bag which included promotional oppurtunities and a free gift per vendor! Also.. DRINK TICKETS! How cool! 

This was truly an event to remember. 
Loaded bar, glitter roots, and a measuring booth! Thats right, the Anahata crew was taking measurements all evening so Annahata Swimwear could provide you with handmade bikini fit just for your body and your body only! Tell your sister to get her own! 


The Bellamy Mansion x Marcus Anthony

Talk about ROYALTY!

Let's take you back in time, Marcus Anthony Photo and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting come together to take you through the fourth dimension back in time to when there was nothing but STYLE.
AKA, Vintage.


Here, we showcase our Vintage Details by Silverceiling, provided by none other than Idalou Weddings! 

These photos are like no other, live it with us! The Bellamy Mansion had us by the hand and walked us through memory lane. Marcus Anthony captured the mood so well. 

We are gawking at our very own Airbrush makeup skills, and elegant hair styling including flowers, with a dash of fine Swarovski Crystals. 

Karlie Chick Moss really rocked this shoot! If you haven't worked with her, you must soon! Ultimate Airbrush Babe! We were very excited to work with such a relaxed, creative team. We are very blessed in Wilmington, North Carolina to have such raw talent!
Thank you Karlie and thank you Marcus! 

This styled shoot is so Avant-garde. We were absolutely blown away with the product. We will be showcasing this photo shoot for a good amount of time! 

Marcus Anthony Photo has really impressed us with his work. We are so thankful for him and all that he has done for us! Marcus, you're great! We really enjoy working with you! 

Believe it or not, The Wedding Dress Shoppe has had our back when it comes to wedding dresses. We thank them for their services and trusting us with their elaborate dresses! The ladies in this shoppe are very accommodating and they offer a very wide selection. The least we could do for them is promote! 

All of us here at Silverceiling Beauty Consulting hope that you enjoy these photos as much as we do! For more, check out

Marcus Anthony Photography - Silverceiling Beauty Consulting

Silveceiling Beauty Consulting has amazing things in store for our Airbrush babes!!! 

Wedding Season is HERE! We are head over heels! From weddings, engagements, to styled shoots, we can't get enough! 

As of late we have been getting into a lot of fun with Marcus Anthony Photo! Aka not your ordinary wedding photographer! We've been able to express our creativity through Airbrush makeup and extravagant hair styling. As artists, we want to show you our best work! We can't wait to show you all that we have in store for our airbrush babes. Marcus Anthony Photo and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting together! Could it get any better?!

Needless to say our most recent photo shoot was Marie Antoinette inspired. 
It definitely takes the cake! In this case, we had our cake, and we ate it too (;

It got serious when we brought the goods in! None other than our very own IdaLou Weddings
We carry these beautiful handmade vintage accessories at Details By Silverceiling

On this day, we are showcasing our beautiful romper that is handmade with Swiss fabric, french inspired! Fully lined, double button, safety snap, and zipper enclosure. Perfect for the rehearsal dinner and or the outdoor reception! 

Any and every time we work with Marcus Anthony it is a blast! We love how different his shooting style is and he really takes advantage of the artwork perspective we crave ever so much! 

MASSIVE thanks to Bakery 105, 128 South Catering & Events, The Cottage, and The Wedding Dress Shoppe! 

The FIRST location on our bucket list was The Cottage on Orange Street!

  • The suite provides charm and privacy for you and your guests and is ideally suited for a bridal party’s wedding day beauty treatments, an intimate Bridal Shower, or Baby Shower. 
  • PERFECT for "Getting Ready"!! 

Take a look!

One of our most favorite wedding venues just so happens to be Bakery 105. The Cottage on Orange St. can be included in all of our featured venues on this blog post! 

This place is amazing, such a blank canvas that can turn into your dreams and nothing short of! Check it out (: Featuring Silverceiling Airbrush Mascot, OSKAR!

Both Bakery 105 and 128 South are located in the heart of beautiful historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. The modern Bakery 105 facility includes a 3400 sq ft outdoor courtyard and interior 4500 sq ft "Main" building. The venue boasts exposed brick walls, wood ceiling, steel girders, and a large monitor skylight. Both indoor and outdoor are handicap accessible.

Their coordinators and team go above and beyond when it comes to accommodating!

****128 South Full-Service Catering Provided****

Exceptional Wedding Reception & Special Event Venue • Wilmington NC
Bakery 105 + 128 South Catering & Events

We saved the best for last. We LOVE 128 South Catering & Events. We are so thankful to have worked with them countless times! We love Bakery 105, The Cottage, and 128 South Catering and Events! 

"Having undergone extensive renovations in 2009, the 128 South venue has both historic charm and modern amenities. Our open floor plan includes a 2nd floor mezzanine overlooking the central lower level. This layout offers a particularly charming gathering space where each of your guests can truly engage in the event activities. We are large enough to comfortably accommodate a cocktail reception for 180 people, but cozy enough for an exclusive private dinner."

Pictures will NEVER do justice! These venues our absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Must see! Even if you're not getting married, you can still have an amazing pizza party there! So airbrush babe, now that we've shown you our preferred vendors, tell us what you think!

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Allie Miller Photography - Palo Alto Announcement

Who doesn't love playing dress up in show-stopping wedding dresses, the veils, tiaras, and expensive jewelry?!

We know we do! We have to show you! Its Sunday! You can still dream!

Allie Miller ( Allie Miller Photography ) of Palo Alto Plantation came to visit our Silverceiling team!
We ate lunch in the heart of Downtown Wilmington at none other than The Basics, then began our next excursion!

To the Wedding Dress Shoppe formerly owned by Perry's Emporium! The ladies there are oh so  welcoming and brought us right in and within 5 minutes had us putting dresses on and wearing their tiaras. Wonderful Ladies. Thank you Gina, Barbara, and Roberta! 

We brought our Details By Silverceiling in to complete the look and show them our new exclusives to get them excited for wedding season! 

Allie Miller snapped awesome shots while team mascot Guccio Guesseppi Alberto the midnight Pomeranian showed love to all of the ladies.


We had an absolute blast this day. What a wonderful day and way to kick off wedding season. We cant let you mistake it, though! While we were having fun and laughing until we cried, we came together just for our airbrush babes! We cant wait to SHOW you!

Palo Alto Plantation and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting are organizing a half-week of nothing but STYLED SHOOTS! Yes styled shoots, babe! We cant wait to give infinite amounts of wedding inspiration! So babes, choose your look, find us on Pinterest, send us your inspiration on our instagram, facebook, or website! We want to see what you want to see!