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As you know, we are constantly expanding, growing with our craft, creating amazing relationships, and making you PERFECT on your Wedding Day!!

Today, we were published on Carats and Cake!
For us, this is not our average publication.
We are thankful for the amount of magazines, websites, blogs, and books we are featured in.

Today, one of our Virginia weddings was published here --> Carats & Cake

We really owe a huge shoutout to all of the amazing vendors we've had the opportunities to work with. They have molded us into the company that we are today!

Cheers to the latest wedding inspiration!

Thank you






The Watson House - Elizabeth & Jackson

Take us to The Watson House!

Ever so recently, Elizabeth had her wedding at the marvelous venue in Emerald Isle, NC.

The Watson House and Gardens. 
Imagine doves and swans everywhere you turn.
Beautiful intercostal sunset peaking beyond the horizon.
Sweet, warm grass for acres and the wonderful smell of floral arrangements.
Not kidding! This venue is a place you have dreamt about in your dreams.

Once you have a wedding here, it is automatically like NO OTHER.
We just so happened to have held the honor of providing Elizabeth and her bridal party with our luxurious airbrush artistry and elaborate bridal hairstyling.

Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful and one of the happiest brides we have ever been bestowed upon.
Her energy was exuberant and her bridal party followed.

This wedding was absolutely magnificent.
We hope that everyone, one day, has the opportunity to experience a visit at The Watson House.
One of our most favorite venues in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We are so LUCKY to provide you with behind the scenes action of our getting ready session with our beautiful bride provided by Chad Winstead.


We hope that you enjoy the following ceremony and reception photos of our most latest work and the beautiful bride Elizabeth and her handsome husband Jackson!

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Jackson. May your love soar to the highest peaks and to the lowest altitudes!


The Palo Alto Plantation - One Crazy Love

All of our fantasies came true with a wedding built for two at Palo Alto Plantation!  

Scarlett Randall Favorites-0001.jpg


Pure ice queen dream, Kelly played the part so well. She truly showcased the beauty we see within every wedding we hold and have held our role in. 

Scarlett Randall Favorites-0009 (1).jpg


We began the day preparing and checking off our ultimate bridal beauty guide (provided for each and everyone of our special Airbrush brides (babes)! 

The talented Kelly Marie (Owner and operator of Silverceiling Beauty Consulting LLC) preformed application of luxury Airbrush on her very own face. If that's not pure talent, we don't know what is. 

Next we met our photographer for the evening! Her name is Charity, though is known through her business One Crazy Love. She is a plantation and vineyard photographer based out of North Carolina. She brings a clean spring season feel to her captures! Her work will not be forgotten within our company! Thank you, Charity! You truly have an eye for clean, crisp photowork. 

Our beautiful Eve Of Milady gown was provided by none other than our favorite, accommodating gals at The Wedding Dress Shoppe. We work a lot with these ladies and they're always so happy to help us pick out dresses from even our wildest dreams.  

Kelly Marie wore this gown as if it were made for her (secretly we think it was, but we cannot disclose)  


This wedding editorial is one of the most visually aesthetically pleasing editorials we've had with a photographer we met on-scene. The duo and teamwork was marvelous! It'd had been like we had known Charity for years!  

We would like to send a warm, humble thank you to everyone at Dream Makers Wedding Estates. Each and every one of you are making our dreams come true. Thank you all for working so hard to bring our fantasies to the forefront and providing us with optimal hospitality.  

After us girls spent the night at The Palo Alto Plantation, we know this place is no joke. It's history gave us so much character and imagination. Eventually, we took a tour around the house and could just envision what life was like in the 1800's. This is not your average Plantation home!    

The Palo Alto Plantation - Allie Miller Weddings

Here, at The Palo Alto Plantation, is where your southern wedding fantasies come true. Imagine horses running in an open field, chicken paired with waffles, and crisp green flora spread ever so evenly across the horizon. 
Take us BACK! Two back to back days of wedding editorials leave us craving the ultimate 'Southern Bride & Groom' experience. 

First of all, we would like to thank all of the amazing North Carolina creatives that curated our dream. Dream Makers Wedding Estates falls nothing short of their brand name. 

Our dear friends, Allie and Taylor bestowed upon us an offer we couldn't ever refuse to promote not only The Palo Alto Plantation, but ALL other AMAZING vendors involved. We were blown away, impressed to say none the less. 

Step into our shoes as we take you away on your southern va-cay. 

From start to finish, we want to relive every moment again. 
We open our car doors to a BEAUTIFUL Plantation home that is just drowning in the most interesting history. History buffs, are you here? Read all about it HERE

We revel in the moment our 'Bride' and 'Groom' met and shared quality laughter throughout the whole house as our bride walks in to experience the art of our Silverceiling Beauty Consulting luxury airbrush. To put icing on, she wanted extensions for her day of play. We were more than excited to accommodate!

Allie Miller Weddings greeted us and walked us through our schedule for the day. If you haven't met this woman, please put her on your bucket list. Allie Miller has the power to calm seas and awaken volcanoes. She truly is a remarkable character and us girls here at Silverceiling Beauty love her oh so much! 
Allie captured photos of our favorite chosen focal points and surprised us with a VIDEO. Yes, that's right. Allie Miller Weddings carries a videography option. If you haven't booked her now, do it soon! Days to nights are filling up ever so quickly. We love her rustic, crisp charm. 

We were so surprised to have such amazing vendors with us on this day. It's not your average editorial! Joining us on the dated estate, was a vintage VW bus that had been renovated into a photo bus that goes by none other than, Sweet Carolina Photo Bus. How CHARMING is that?! We love it!!! Their efforts were above and beyond. Ever so accommodating, and fun. We can't forget the fun we had on this day. We looked to the right, low and behold, even more vintage for our liking. 
The Cantina Caravan joined us on site to dish out the most amazing cocktails that the south has to offer! Renovated from a 1972 Shasta Camper. 100% mobile, how cool is that? 

The spring season is here, so you know we had to go all out! The Wedding Dress Shoppe provided us with wonderful jewelry and accessories to accentuate our bride's beautiful dress. These ladies have had our backs through and through. Thank you!!!!

Upon entry of the beautiful patio space provided and designed by Dream Makers Wedding Estates, we take a look at the menu, placings, and name card itinerary all designed by Nalabe to then take a seat into Fold Chivary chairs  provided by Crystal Coast Tents & Events

As our couple dines down into their southern fantasies we were greeted by The Flame Catering to sample a few of their delicacies. On the menu: Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs marinated skewers, as well as Chicken and Waffles with Maple syrup pipette, Caprese Skewers with Balsamic drizzle and Mini Crab Cakes on Wonton spoons with Chipotle Aoli. Beautiful garnishes made of cantaloupe, pineapple, peppers, and the most amazing yogurt dipping sauce to have ever graced our palette. We are getting hungry just writing this. The things we would do to have that delicious food back in our mouths! 

Once the fun was done, the sun was gone, and we were glowing. To end the night of dreams, we get an awesome peak of our cake! Pinterest inspiration, are we right? I want this cake on display on my kitchen island 24/7 - 365! American Dream Cakes falls NOTHING short of their reputation! 

Please, airbrush babes. Study our latest inspiration. There's more to come so save room! 

All amazing vendors, and friends involved. This editorial blew us out of the water, grew us closer, and delighted our spirits. Don't ever forget to treat yourself to something southern (:


Anahata Swimwear Launch Party

It's bikini season airbrush beauties!!!

You know what that means... 
Yes, our airbrush makeup is water proof..
If thats what you were wondering (:

In new, real, and exciting news. Anna Hendrix is a creative based out of North Carolina. Her mission was to set off into the world of fashion and self empowerment to achieve an absolute medium between today's standard when it comes to purchasing a bikini! 



This was a very exciting event for us because we know how important it is to lift others up and how crucial it is in today's society to make other women feel so very confident in their own skin. Thats what Silverceiling is all about! Thank you Anna for taking our motto to a whole inspiring new level!

Can you believe that she asked us to do hair, makeup, and spray tans for her beautiful models??! Our team came together to provide them with the ultimate airbrush experience. It was the least we could've do for such a hot, up and coming swimwear line.

We met in historic downtown Wilmington, specifically at Manna. We arrived to a red carpet that led us into the entry way and the press was snapping photos as every one walked by! This was not an event to miss! The first 50 upon entry recieved an awesome grab bag which included promotional oppurtunities and a free gift per vendor! Also.. DRINK TICKETS! How cool! 

This was truly an event to remember. 
Loaded bar, glitter roots, and a measuring booth! Thats right, the Anahata crew was taking measurements all evening so Annahata Swimwear could provide you with handmade bikini fit just for your body and your body only! Tell your sister to get her own! 


The Bellamy Mansion x Marcus Anthony

Talk about ROYALTY!

Let's take you back in time, Marcus Anthony Photo and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting come together to take you through the fourth dimension back in time to when there was nothing but STYLE.
AKA, Vintage.


Here, we showcase our Vintage Details by Silverceiling, provided by none other than Idalou Weddings! 

These photos are like no other, live it with us! The Bellamy Mansion had us by the hand and walked us through memory lane. Marcus Anthony captured the mood so well. 

We are gawking at our very own Airbrush makeup skills, and elegant hair styling including flowers, with a dash of fine Swarovski Crystals. 

Karlie Chick Moss really rocked this shoot! If you haven't worked with her, you must soon! Ultimate Airbrush Babe! We were very excited to work with such a relaxed, creative team. We are very blessed in Wilmington, North Carolina to have such raw talent!
Thank you Karlie and thank you Marcus! 

This styled shoot is so Avant-garde. We were absolutely blown away with the product. We will be showcasing this photo shoot for a good amount of time! 

Marcus Anthony Photo has really impressed us with his work. We are so thankful for him and all that he has done for us! Marcus, you're great! We really enjoy working with you! 

Believe it or not, The Wedding Dress Shoppe has had our back when it comes to wedding dresses. We thank them for their services and trusting us with their elaborate dresses! The ladies in this shoppe are very accommodating and they offer a very wide selection. The least we could do for them is promote! 

All of us here at Silverceiling Beauty Consulting hope that you enjoy these photos as much as we do! For more, check out

Marcus Anthony Photography - Silverceiling Beauty Consulting

Silveceiling Beauty Consulting has amazing things in store for our Airbrush babes!!! 

Wedding Season is HERE! We are head over heels! From weddings, engagements, to styled shoots, we can't get enough! 

As of late we have been getting into a lot of fun with Marcus Anthony Photo! Aka not your ordinary wedding photographer! We've been able to express our creativity through Airbrush makeup and extravagant hair styling. As artists, we want to show you our best work! We can't wait to show you all that we have in store for our airbrush babes. Marcus Anthony Photo and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting together! Could it get any better?!

Needless to say our most recent photo shoot was Marie Antoinette inspired. 
It definitely takes the cake! In this case, we had our cake, and we ate it too (;

It got serious when we brought the goods in! None other than our very own IdaLou Weddings
We carry these beautiful handmade vintage accessories at Details By Silverceiling

On this day, we are showcasing our beautiful romper that is handmade with Swiss fabric, french inspired! Fully lined, double button, safety snap, and zipper enclosure. Perfect for the rehearsal dinner and or the outdoor reception! 

Any and every time we work with Marcus Anthony it is a blast! We love how different his shooting style is and he really takes advantage of the artwork perspective we crave ever so much! 

MASSIVE thanks to Bakery 105, 128 South Catering & Events, The Cottage, and The Wedding Dress Shoppe! 

The FIRST location on our bucket list was The Cottage on Orange Street!

  • The suite provides charm and privacy for you and your guests and is ideally suited for a bridal party’s wedding day beauty treatments, an intimate Bridal Shower, or Baby Shower. 
  • PERFECT for "Getting Ready"!! 

Take a look!

One of our most favorite wedding venues just so happens to be Bakery 105. The Cottage on Orange St. can be included in all of our featured venues on this blog post! 

This place is amazing, such a blank canvas that can turn into your dreams and nothing short of! Check it out (: Featuring Silverceiling Airbrush Mascot, OSKAR!

Both Bakery 105 and 128 South are located in the heart of beautiful historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. The modern Bakery 105 facility includes a 3400 sq ft outdoor courtyard and interior 4500 sq ft "Main" building. The venue boasts exposed brick walls, wood ceiling, steel girders, and a large monitor skylight. Both indoor and outdoor are handicap accessible.

Their coordinators and team go above and beyond when it comes to accommodating!

****128 South Full-Service Catering Provided****

Exceptional Wedding Reception & Special Event Venue • Wilmington NC
Bakery 105 + 128 South Catering & Events

We saved the best for last. We LOVE 128 South Catering & Events. We are so thankful to have worked with them countless times! We love Bakery 105, The Cottage, and 128 South Catering and Events! 

"Having undergone extensive renovations in 2009, the 128 South venue has both historic charm and modern amenities. Our open floor plan includes a 2nd floor mezzanine overlooking the central lower level. This layout offers a particularly charming gathering space where each of your guests can truly engage in the event activities. We are large enough to comfortably accommodate a cocktail reception for 180 people, but cozy enough for an exclusive private dinner."

Pictures will NEVER do justice! These venues our absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Must see! Even if you're not getting married, you can still have an amazing pizza party there! So airbrush babe, now that we've shown you our preferred vendors, tell us what you think!

Follow us on Instagram @silverceilingbeautyconsulting, @marcusanthonyphoto, @detailsbysilverceiling, @bakery_105, @thecottageonorangestreet, @128south, @theweddingdressshoppe, @oskarreginaldpompom

Allie Miller Photography - Palo Alto Announcement

Who doesn't love playing dress up in show-stopping wedding dresses, the veils, tiaras, and expensive jewelry?!

We know we do! We have to show you! Its Sunday! You can still dream!

Allie Miller ( Allie Miller Photography ) of Palo Alto Plantation came to visit our Silverceiling team!
We ate lunch in the heart of Downtown Wilmington at none other than The Basics, then began our next excursion!

To the Wedding Dress Shoppe formerly owned by Perry's Emporium! The ladies there are oh so  welcoming and brought us right in and within 5 minutes had us putting dresses on and wearing their tiaras. Wonderful Ladies. Thank you Gina, Barbara, and Roberta! 

We brought our Details By Silverceiling in to complete the look and show them our new exclusives to get them excited for wedding season! 

Allie Miller snapped awesome shots while team mascot Guccio Guesseppi Alberto the midnight Pomeranian showed love to all of the ladies.


We had an absolute blast this day. What a wonderful day and way to kick off wedding season. We cant let you mistake it, though! While we were having fun and laughing until we cried, we came together just for our airbrush babes! We cant wait to SHOW you!

Palo Alto Plantation and Silverceiling Beauty Consulting are organizing a half-week of nothing but STYLED SHOOTS! Yes styled shoots, babe! We cant wait to give infinite amounts of wedding inspiration! So babes, choose your look, find us on Pinterest, send us your inspiration on our instagram, facebook, or website! We want to see what you want to see!  


Erin Costa Photography - Artemas Photography

Erin Costa invited our Silverceiling team to her studio in Hampstead, North Carolina to collaborate with Taylor Rohrer and we... SLAYED.
Erin Costa is a photographer located in North Carolina. 
Wherein we met the wonderful photographer whom of which snapped mind blowing portraits of Taylor. 

As a team, hands down, we ROCKED it! 
This photo-shoot knocked it out of the park!
The theme of this in-studio shoot was 'Leather-Chic'

The photography studio was up in smoke! 3 Creative directors blazing over the world with their mad skills and of course, you can't do it without an amazing model!

We had fun, mimosas were provided, hair got wet, and we worked our airbrush magic / hair-styling artistry on Taylor for the one and only Erin Costa partnered with Artemas Photography

Our team hopes that you enjoy these photos as much as we have enjoyed creating them! 

Live life on the edge, airbrush babe!

Forever Bridal Team

Hello Airbrush babes and HELLO Raleigh Brides!!!!!!

Our Raleigh office is taking off! We worked with Raleigh's very own finest Forever Bridal to create their ultimate showcase of personality and comradery. Otherwise known as the 'About Us' toggle located at the bottom of their website.

These ladies are in the absolute know of the most up-and-coming styles every season, every year. Forever Bridal Productions was started in 1995 with its first bridal show consisting of only 25 vendors. Those 25 vendors attracted over 100 brides, creating the start Forever Bridal’s assent to the premiere bridal show producer of North Carolina. The company now hosts four shows a year, including North Carolina’s largest, attracting over 1000 brides and nearly 300 vendors.
Did we mention that they're based in Raleigh, North Carolina?!

Forever Bridal Productions keeps itself as the forerunner in bridal shows and production company by constantly developing their business and focusing on how they can enhance the bride's experience. They are oh so personable and fun!

Silverceiling came together to give their glowing skin all of the goods to get them photo (and/or tv) ready!!
Parlor Salon created simplistic hairstyles that really fit their image and personalities.

We can infer from ALL of our photos that they really enjoyed our services to the fullest degree!

Our Raleigh office just so happens to be located on 3708 Benson Dr. Midtown which is also where Forever Bridal is located. We absolutely love working with our friends and neighbors. We are all family, here at Silverceiling and Forever Bridal. You will always feel and be treated as so!

Thank you Forever Bridal for bestowing upon us the honor of working our Airbrush magic on those beautiful faces!!
Enough with the talking, We MUST show you these photos (:

If this gallery doesn't make you want to pop open a bottle of champagne and eat cupcakes, please don't hesitate to let us know. We'll fix that! Cheers to a beautiful Wednesday, babes.  

The Casupanans - The Bradford

Lindsay & Steven Casupanan
Here in North Carolina, we have diversity, breath taking historical venues, southern food, and LOVE, lots of love.
Lindsay and Steven went out of 2016 with a BANG and rang in the New Year MARRIED.
Yes, that's right. Lindsay and Steven Casupanan wed on New Years Eve at The Bradford.
We love The Bradford located in North Carolina, native to our very own Silverceiling Beauty Consulting here in Wilmington + Raleigh, North Carolina.
Needless to say, Lindsay & Steven's love had us tearing up at every sight.
This wedding was filled with vibrant colors, fur shawls, monograms, and HUGE exuberant contagious smiles!!!
Lindsay and company just so happened to bestow upon us of the opportunity to make their day perfect with our Airbrush mastery and trusted hairstyling techniques.
We would like to give a huge thank you to Magnolia Photography for capturing the newly wed's true happiness on this day.
These photos are a MUST SEE. The epitome of an Airbrush babe in true, honest love.
Please indulge with us and enjoy our sweetest gallery, below!
Congratulations Lindsay & Steven Casupanan, may your love tackle the most incredible heights!

Wilmington Weddings and Events First Annual Bridal Fashion Show

Wilmington Weddings and Events' First Annual Bridal Fashion Show was a HUGE Success!

  • This whimsical evening was located at none other than the Brooklyn Arts Center right in The Brooklyn Art's District of Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • The beautiful evening started with Wilmington Weddings and Events sponsored take-away bags including copies of the Fall/Winter Focus On The Coast Bridal Magazine, a live DJ, beautiful lighting arrangements, carefully selected decorations including furnishings, varieties of complimentary hors d'oeuvres, and in-house curated cocktails.

We just so happened to have the honor of taking our mastery regarding Airbrush Makeup Artistry and Bridal Hairstyles to the runway!

  • Each and every one of these ladies featured in this show looked absolutely darling, it was such a magical night that we hope you can revel in it with us for just a little while longer.

Wilmington is such a beautiful city with many attractions, classical venues, five star food, romantic night life, sandy beaches, beautiful boutiques, and nothing less than southern hospitality.

Needless to say, we created the event of a lifetime.
From glitter roots to tear-away dresses, we loved it ALL and couldn't get enough!
So Airbrush Babes! Tell us what you think!
Would you like to be apart of the Second Annual Wilmington Weddings and Events Bridal Fashion show?

- Stay up to date with the Silverceiling Family, 'cause we've always got you covered (;

All photos start to finish were shot by Photographer Chris Brehmer.

Please enjoy the slideshow below!

Gilded Bridal - Glass Box - Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017 marks our very special day working with Gilded Bridal (Bridal Shop), Amber Robinson (Wedding Photographer), our very own details by IdaLou courtesy of Details by Silverceiling, and, we had the honor of providing our STUNNING models with our service of Airbrush Makeup Artistry (Silverceiling Beauty Consulting)... 

  • Gilded Bridal located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is THE Bridal Shop full of gorgeous gowns created by various Indepedent Designers to accentuate every individual curve & freckle for the beautiful bride to be body. 
    Ever so recently we had the honor to work on location at the Glass Box and let's just say it was a BLAST to have worked in such a beautiful Wedding Venue with these flawless models wearing such royal wedding gowns. 
  • ALL HAIR-MAKEUP-DETAILS (accessories) Courtesy of... Silverceiling Beauty Consulting /
    Details By Silverceiling
  • GOWNS: (Glided BridalRebecca Schoneveld, Tulle NY, Leanne Marshall, Claire La Faye
  • PHOTOGRAPHYAmber Robinson ~ (Second shooter: Megan)
  • LOCATION: (Glass Box) - Raleigh, North Carolina
  • MODELS: Candace Smith Diana McQueen

We hope that you had enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as we did!!

Warmest Regards,

The Silverceiling Family


Erin and William

WOW is all we can say about this gorgeous couple!!! We loved working with Erin and her amazing family for her October wedding. Our stylists Kelly and Martha drove to Erin several times in Indian Beach NC throughout the process: for her hair and makeup trial run, rehearsal dinner, bridal portraits- and are so grateful for the beautiful southern hospitality and warmth that her family had for us! 

Her wedding was held at the Watson House in Emerald Isle, NC. We love working with Stephanie and team here! Her photographer was one of our absolutely favorites: Allie Miller Photography. Allie has an amazing way of capturing the most tender moments and we are so excited to share these photos. 

Erin's look: we wanted to keep her look very natural but really pop her eyes! We used a combination of charcoals, greys, silvers and taupes to make her incredible blue eyes stand out. Skin was flawless with light dewy airbrush foundation, soft contour and highlight, and accents of peach pop in the lip and blush. Martha created a gorgeous, effortless up-do to compliment Erin's sweet, heartfelt personality.

Congratulations beauty!

Dusty Blue Inspiration- Spring 2017

Ok so real talk... we got these images back from Design a Dream Events and Anna Holcombe photography... and did not even know where to start! Each one was so individually beautiful that we wanted to feature them all! 

The inspiration for this shoot was "Dusty Blue and Gold." The thought behind it was pretty powdery blue, soft creams, gold accents and tons of greenery. Design Perfection did such a beautiful job on the flowers, as you will see below :) The shoot was hosted at Wrightsville Manor which was a perfect host for the fresh, bright spring feel!

Please enjoy the below images. Upcoming spring brides: you don't want to miss this for thoughts for your own wedding inspiration! Below all images, please find our list of amazing vendors that we had the pleasure of working with. What a great collaberation!

Hair and makeup inspo? Romantic. Glam Boho. Skin: dreamy, soft radiant finish with airbrush makeup. Soft pink overlays and highlighting and contouring. Soft pink lip with a focus on the eyes: we were inspired by cooler brown tones. Champagne, Brown Sugar, rich black liner to accent. Hair: Soft sexy curls! Gently swept back. Goddess like- esp. with that headpiece! 


Designer + Coordinator: Design A Dream Events @designadream

Venue: Wrightsville Manor @wrightsvillemanornc

Photography + Co-Designer: Anna Holcombe Photography @annaholcombephoto

Rentals Party Suppliers @partysuppliersandrentals

Florals: Design Perfection @designperfection

Decor Rentals: DP etc. @dpetc


Paper Goods/Stationary: Alexis Scott @alexisscottdes

Bridal Jewelry: Melissa Tyson Designs @melissatysondesigns

Hair + Makeup: Silverceiling @silverceilingairbrush

Videography: LLB Videography @littlelovelyblushes

Cake: Creative Cakes by Tammy Hodge @tammycakelady

Calligraphy: Kathryn Collins @kcoll

Bridal Dress Boutique: Coastal Knot @coastalknot

Tux Boutique: Camille’s of Wilmington @camillesofwilm

Lighting: Wilmington Uplighting @wilmingtonuplighting

Models: Caroline Simpson @carolinesimpsonn & Alec Sczepanski @alec_sczepanski

And then... here's a few of "getting ready" shots of hair and makeup. See our Silverceiling team in action!

Hair by Martha Bass

Makeup by Kelly Farrell 

Stay beautiful airbrush babes! XOXO, Silverceiling 

Meg and James


We are in love with Meg's bridal style: think classic and super modern glam! The bride and her bridal party got ready for the special day at "The Cottage"- a beautiful little bridal suite right across from her venue, Bakery 105! The pink walls matched their delicate pink silk robes and elegant bridesmaid's dresses. 


Meghan's bridal look consisted of a smokey metallic fog eye, soft contour, and deep rich berry mauve toned lip. Her hair was strategically tosseled and teased into a soft beach waves, topped off with a glamorous Twigs and Honey headpiece.


After all the glam, Meghan and Jame's had their wedding at Bakery 105, right around the corner from The Cottage. Congratulations to Meghan and James!


Wilmington Magazine: Winter Styled Shoot

We were so thrilled to be part of Wilmington Magazine's Styled Shoot for the December edition! We wanted to have fun with our model's look: so we opted for a soft smokey eye, natural effect false lashes, a bold rid lip and soft, wavy hair. Effortless makeup to match effortless style!

All images shot by Jennifer Simpson Photography. 

Location: Bespoke Coffee in downtown Wilmington, NC. If you haven't been yet- the Cortado is AMAZING!

Apparel and accessories: Soul Shoetique, Bloke Apparel.

Models: Direction USA 

Enjoy airbrush babes! 

Jessica and Emmet

We knew when we met Jessica she would be a very special bride. She has an amazing way about her that makes you feel like you've known her forever- even when you first meet her! We had a blast through her booking, trial run and of course, the wedding day. 

Her look inspo: clean and modern, with a vintage twist. We knew her dress was classic lace so we wanted to provide a look esthetically cohesive, but still unique to her! We opted for flawless skin and a mauve tone palette. Her eyes are a gorgeous green so eye colours focused in soft pinks, charcoals, and soft silver were a must! Her hair was a soft, romantic braid adorned with our very own Details by Silverceiling hair pieces. 

We loved working with Jessica and Emmet on their Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding. The below images are from one of our favorites- Susie Linquist! 

Congratulations Jessica! 


Jessica and Emmet's wedding took place at the Brooklyn Arts Center, located in the historic arts district of Downtown Wilmington, NC. Her and her bridesmaids got prepared for the day at the Brooklyn Manse right next door. This great bridal party was filled with friends and family. 


Flawless for life! <3 XOXO Silverceiling 

Valerie's Shell Island Wedding

0995ValandTim (2).jpg

Valerie and her bridal party got ready at the Shell Island Resort located in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Valerie and her husband Tim did a "first look" in the beautiful rich green gardens, creating an amazing contrast against her flowing white dress and his sharp blue suit. 

0991ValandTim (1).jpg

Valerie chose a very traditional glam look for her special day. We chose to use very soft earth and mauve tones to best enhance her natural beauty. She had a full up-do with a small bufant poof to add volume and height. 


Congratulations to Valerie and Tim!


GlamSeamless Before and Afters

We have now been offering GlamSeamless Hair Extensions for a few months... and several of our clients are RAVING about the results! The tagline with this company is "make everyday Glamorous"... and with beautiful, flowing mermaid hair, how could you not feel like a million bucks?!

We offer both tape-ins and clip-ins. Whats the difference?

The tape in's last SO long! We install them for you and they last 8-10 weeks before they need maintenance. We educate you on how to take care of them and give you all the proper hair care that you need to make them last! We offer maintenance appointments as well.

Clip-ins are to be used as needed. So if you're looking for a dramatic look but not for everyday- simply clip these in and out as your heart desires! 

Ok here's the fun part... some of our before and afters! 

We not only install them... we offer custom hair coloring/ toning and blending, and will cut and texture your extensions to blend flawlessly!

Custom colored Beach Blonde Extension ombre! These are the tape-ins that are the semi permanent solution that lasts 8-10 weeks. They come out damage free with a special coconut oil spray! 

Custom colored Beach Blonde Extension ombre! These are the tape-ins that are the semi permanent solution that lasts 8-10 weeks. They come out damage free with a special coconut oil spray! 

Our beautiful bride wanted AMAZING hair for her wedding day and honeymoon. She already had the length... we gave her some serious body! 

Our beautiful bride wanted AMAZING hair for her wedding day and honeymoon. She already had the length... we gave her some serious body! 


GlamSeamless: SIlverceiling: a match made in perfect hair heaven! 

Contact us to schedule your consultation today! We can go over the different hair types and color solutions that work best for you.